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In some respects, LaVar Ball Junior Basketball Association is billed as the antithesis of the NCAA. Unlike major college basketball governing body, the Big Baller Brand sponsored league aims to pay high school graduates to hoop on their way to the NBA and allow them to monetize their own likenesses through endorsement deals. The game they play will be dictated by the same rules, guidelines and dimensions as those used in the world best professional basketball league..

Running shoe names At the expo, one runner from Kansas was examining the running shoes for sale and seeing the usual names that are designed to make us want to buy running shoes: Mizuno Wave Nirvana, Nike Free, Mizuno Inspire, Asics Cumulus, Asics Nimbus, Asics Speedstar, Saucony Grid Hurricane. The names of the shoes make you feel fast and powerful. The Kansas man had obviously thought about his before as he started pontificating on possible alternative names for shoes that we agreed would probably never sell: The Blister Maker, The Bunion Blaster, the Sloth, The Pain Machine, The Quicksand, The Molasses, and the Fungus.

A Taliban assault on Ghazni, a key city linking areas of Taliban influence barely 75 miles from Kabul, has killed about 100 Afghan security forces and 20 civilians since Friday, the Afghan Defense Ministry said. That has demonstrated the militants ability to attack, if not hold, a strategic center on the nation main highway, and highlighted the vulnerability of Afghan security forces. Troops and their families are paying a heavy price, even with Afghan forces in the lead combat role, the Pentagon announced today that a 36 year old soldier, Staff Sgt.

When Colin Kaepernick, then the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, started kneeling, the Santa Clara Police Officers Association threatened a boycott of another sort, saying it might stop working security at games. The organization, the lead police agency at Levi’s Stadium, supplies around 70 officers who volunteer to work and are paid as security personnel. The police chief urged members to back off their threat..

In the real world, if you live it up, you won’t live it down, or at least that’s what Professor Waits told me. In ours, there’s nothing Ann’s Kitchen won’t forgive you for. Oh, youcalledthem? That’s gonna require an omelette. Maybe the biggest difference is the use of the Web cam to take pictures of your butt. Seriously, it may sound exciting to some, but it really not. Maybe if they asked us to take our clothes off like the Vibram models, it would add a little edge (although that would be off brand, right?)..

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