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      CNOOC and HHG held a deep cooperation seminar in HHG

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      CNOOC and HHG held a deep cooperation seminar in HHG

      Date of issue:2021-06-02 Authors: Click:

      On May 30th, 2021, Lian Xueqiang, Chairman of CNOOC Huahe Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., Xie Xiaoen, Deputy General Manager of Taizhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Professor Xu Zhiqiang from China University of Mining and Technology, PhD supervisor and other nine experts visited Huasheng Group on behalf of CNOOC to conduct professional investigation and in-depth cooperation on the cooperation framework reached between the two parties in the early stage.

      The expert team of CNOOC conducted serious and in-depth investigation on the graphene lubricant workshop, high purity graphite workshop, research and development center and graphene production workshop of HHG, and conducted one-to-one technical communication with relevant technical personnel of various departments.

      Lian Xueqiang, chairman of CNOOC Huahe Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. said on behalf of the expert team that the cooperation between CNOOC and Huasheng Group is conducive to the common development of both sides and will further promote the development of graphite industry in Heilongjiang Province.

      Chairman Shan of HHG said: HHG and CNOOC will complement each other's advantages in multiple fields, further expand the market share of products, and make joint efforts to achieve the goal of building a "100 billion" graphite industry in Heilongjiang Province.