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      Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

      Building 1, 139 Rongmei Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Lane 1, Development Road, Pearl River Management Zone, Nansha District, Guangzhou

      Telephone number: 400 1331 400

      Mobile phone: 185 4509 4444

      Web site: www.roshesshoes.com

      Mail box: hsbgs@hssmgf.com

      Help Hainan Free Trade Port -- HHG to appear at the First China International Consumer Goods Fair in 2021

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      Help Hainan Free Trade Port -- HHG to appear at the First China International Consumer Goods Fair in 2021

      Date of issue:2021-05-28 Authors: Click:

      HHG is invited to participate in the first China International Consumer Goods Expo, which will be held in Haikou, Hainan Province from May 7th to 10th, 2021. The first Fair will focus on "high, new, excellent and special" consumer goods, strive for international level, and build itself into an important platform for global display and trading of consumer goods.  It is of great significance to promote the construction of Hainan free trade port.

      HHG, the delegation of Heilongjiang Province in Hall 7, will focus on showing new materials and commodities, and lead the audience to appreciate the magic of new materials leading the life of science and technology. With the expo platform and all walks of life in-depth exchanges, understand the market, so as to base on innovation, better for the new material industry to empower.

      Wang Yongkang, Vice Governor of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, visited the booth of HHG, and highly praised the scientific research and achievement transformation ability of HHG, and gave full affirmation to "Langfeng" graphene lubricating oil products, solid hazardous waste recycling and seawater desalination and other projects. Shan Yongbao, chairman of HHG, said, "HHG will continue to carry forward the Heilongjiang spirit and actively contribute to the development of Hainan's environmental protection and free trade port."

          "Langfeng" graphene lubricating oil is the main product of HHG.  It has the advantages of excellent lubricity, sealing, oxidation resistance, cleaning and cooling.  Technical innovations have been made in energy conservation and environmental protection.  Save vehicle fuel consumption, reduce the emission of CO and CH compounds in engine exhaust, etc., outstanding environmental protection characteristics, was awarded the China Environmental Mark (II) product certification certificate (ten ring mark).  And will actively contribute to the cause of national environmental protection, leading the development of the green technology industry, to create a better world for the vision.

          The state is full of confidence in the market potential and industrial attraction of building a free trade port in Hainan, which also gives more people the opportunity to invest in the value highland of the free trade port, leverage the world's gulf, and lay out the future.

           HHG has formed a multi-dimensional and multi-directional sales network covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hainan and other provinces and cities. Focus on the construction and development of domestic and international sales channels; Digital reform, to research and development, product, marketing, such as traditional data, using new technology to comprehensive analysis, rapid, accurate enhance R&D side, production, sales end the whole industry chain and efficient operation, realize China litres of own brand quality upgrading, the new material transformation of scientific and technological research and development products to the people and the world, with concrete actions to satisfy the masses of the people in the pursuit of a better life.  To contribute to China's science and technology and economic growth.