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      Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

      Building 1, 139 Rongmei Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Lane 1, Development Road, Pearl River Management Zone, Nansha District, Guangzhou

      Telephone number: 400 1331 400

      Mobile phone: 185 4509 4444

      Web site: www.roshesshoes.com

      Mail box: hsbgs@hssmgf.com

      Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. and Japan Hefest Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract at the Shanghai Import Expo

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      Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. and Japan Hefest Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract at the Shanghai Import Expo

      Date of issue:2020-11-23 Authors: Click:

        Mr. Li Hongguo, Mayor of Hegang City, witnessed at the Shanghai Import Expo on the afternoon of November 6, 2020.  Mr. Shan Yongbao, the chairman of Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yang Wenbo, the representative of Japan Hefest Technology Co., Ltd. in China, and his party of four people signed the contract.  Jointly develop product markets in China, Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asia;  Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., LTD is a new joint venture company registered in China by Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., LTD and Japan Hefest Technology Co., LTD.  Japan will achieve a market sales share of RMB 200 million in graphene lubricants in 2021.

          Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. is located in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, the largest graphite reserve city in Asia, and has established scientific research bases with a number of well-known universities at home and abroad. With unique natural resources combined with the company's strong scientific research team advantage, the company has high purity graphite, graphene, graphene lubricants and other downstream products.

          Located in Osaka, Japan, Hefest Technology Co., Ltd., the company's products cover the fields of automobile, electronics, vehicle and ship, aviation oil and so on. The product order of Hefest Technology Co., LTD covers many countries in the world, and has the mature advantage of international import and export.

          In this cooperation, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages and first explore the Southeast Asian markets such as China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, so that the company's lubricant products can be exported overseas to the international market, and finally achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.