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      Adding antifreeze to cars is more than a "patent" in winter

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      Adding antifreeze to cars is more than a "patent" in winter

      Date of issue:2020-06-11 Authors: Click:

      Many people will naturally reread the word "freeze" when talking about antifreeze, and therefore think that antifreeze is specially used for vehicles in cold weather. In fact, otherwise, the full name of antifreeze is antifreeze coolant. From the name, it can be seen that it has two main functions: the first is antifreeze, and the second is cooling. The antifreeze can prevent the vehicle's cooling system from freezing when the vehicle is parked in cold winters and burst the vehicle's cooling system, and in the summer it can prevent "boiling".

      There are some "old drivers" who think they are experienced and often like to use tap water instead of antifreeze, or mix tap water with antifreeze, which is considered to be more economical and can also play a certain role in antifreeze cooling. In fact, this method is extremely wrong. Tap water contains many minerals. After heating and evaporation, these minerals form scale and deposit on the metal surface. If scale is generated in the water tank, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator, causing the water temperature to rise and "boiling". If scale is formed in the engine cooling water system, blocking the normal circulation of the water channel will easily cause the local temperature of the engine to rise, and the engine will easily fail.


      Many car owners feel that the antifreeze is replaced every two years, and usually only need to add some in time to ensure that it is enough. In fact, if the car is leaking, especially if the liquid is colored (green, red, purple), you need to pay attention to whether the antifreeze is leaking. In addition, if the car has just been repaired, especially if you have just changed parts such as water tanks, pumps, and water pipes; or if you are going to run a long distance, it is also necessary to check the antifreeze.

      Moleene lubricant reminds everyone: During the operation of the engine, a lot of heat will be generated due to work, friction and other problems. These heat must be taken away in time, otherwise it will cause fatal damage to the engine, and antifreeze is such a medium. , Cool the engine in real time to keep the engine at the optimal working temperature. Therefore, the antifreeze is not only used in winter and cold areas, because the engine antifreeze not only has antifreeze, but also has anti-boiling, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof scale, cooling, long-term performance and other properties, and should be used all year round.