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      Car maintenance knowledge and skills

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      Car maintenance knowledge and skills

      Date of issue:2020-06-11 Authors: Click:

      There are two main aspects of vehicle maintenance. One is the mandatory maintenance provided by the repair station. On the other hand is some daily maintenance done by the owner himself. The normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers. Improper maintenance or use will cause vehicle failure and bring hidden safety risks. In addition to going to our repair station for mandatory maintenance on time, you should also do daily maintenance work, which is beneficial to the "health" of the vehicle. Keeping the car in good driving condition benefits from careful daily maintenance.

      After purchasing a car, please first read the "Product Quality Assurance" and "Instruction Manual" that came with the car. There are detailed use precautions and maintenance methods in the "Instruction Manual".You should read and follow it carefully to ensure that the vehicle is in Good use condition. Introduce the common sense of vehicle maintenance, I hope to provide you with some help.

      Car paint maintenance

      The common sense of car paint maintenance is actually very complicated. Although the car paint looks smooth, but the surface has small concaves and holes, the new car is recommended to do a glaze or coating treatment. Under normal circumstances, the coating time is longer than the sealing time, the sealing effect is about 3 months to half a year, and the coating is more than half a year. It is recommended that a second sealing or coating is required after a certain time. The routine items carried out by car wash shops are polishing and waxing. But these two items should be done under the premise of coating or glazing, because always waxing or polishing is equivalent to consuming the thickness of the paint surface, gradually thinning the car paint, tarnishing, and small scratches.

      There are also many things that need to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of car paint. First, avoid using a duster or dry cloth to directly wipe the paint surface. After washing away the dust and dirt on the surface of the car with water, wipe it with a clean absorbent cloth. Do not allow it to dry after washing. Second, when parking, you should consider avoiding long-term sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint. Third, reduce the number of car washes, try not to wax and polish the vehicle. Fourth, pay attention to the timely removal of corrosive materials such as bird droppings. Fifth, pay attention to reduce to more corrosive areas during driving, such as the seaside, roads sprinkled with snowmelt, newly paved asphalt roads, etc. Sixth, after running at high speed in summer, the insect corpses hit by the front of the vehicle should be cleaned in time. If not cleaned in time, the paint surface of the vehicle will be corroded in a short time.

      Car tire maintenance

      Car tires and steel rims are the most dirty parts. Therefore, the maintenance of tires is also very important. Before washing the tires, prepare a brush with a long handle. If the tires are not too dirty, just use a common cleaning agent. Unless there is really too much dirt, it may be necessary to buy a professional cleaner.

      The brush cannot be used on chrome-plated mirror wheels, which will cause obvious scars. Chrome-plated wheels are generally sponged, and brushes should be considered when washing small areas. As long as the tires and knees are cleaned, the entire car will look bright.


      Car interior maintenance

      When many car owners perform routine maintenance on their cars, the appearance and maintenance of important parts are always particularly cautious, but occasionally they ignore the cleanliness of the car. Even on the carpet and the dust on the underside of the inner door panel, the dust on the instrument panel and the ceiling, even if it is usually cleaned, it still needs to go to the 4S shop for maintenance. Full-vehicle cleaning: strictly follow the three steps of dust removal, cleaning and maintenance to thoroughly clean and fully maintain the instrument control panel, ceiling, rear cylinder platform, seats, floor wool, and inner door panels. Leather protection: a complete set of leather care tools, with different tools for different parts. Steam sterilization: professional steam sterilization performs comprehensive high-temperature sterilization of air and air outlets, seats, and carpets in cars Instrument control panel: brush can be used for self-cleaning. Brush the instrument panel, air conditioner air inlet, switch, button, etc. every day. After cleaning, you can spray a layer of surface wax. Ceiling: Dust can be removed with a car vacuum cleaner. Seat: For the maintenance of the seat, the first is to cover the seat cover on the seat cover, the second is to avoid the food or liquid from overturning on the seat, and the third is to avoid scratching the leather surface. The fourth is regular cleaning and maintenance with leather cleaners and maintenance agents. Floor wool: Usually, floor mats are laid on the floor wool to facilitate daily cleaning.

      Car functional parts maintenance

      1.Engine Oil Check

      Park the vehicle on a level surface. Pull out the vernier ruler to check the amount of oil. If the oil brightness is within the two markings (F) and (L), it is within the normal range, if it is below the (L) position. You should add the specified type of engine oil, the liquid level after refueling should not be higher than (F) level.

      2. Engine coolant level inspection

      Never open the radiator cover when the engine is hot, otherwise you may get burned by the spilled coolant or high-temperature steam. After the engine cools, check that the liquid level of the coolant should be between the full position and the low position, otherwise distilled water or purified water (do not add mineral water) or freezing liquid should be added, and the height of the liquid level after adding water should not exceed the full position. If it is found that the cooling fluid decreases quickly in a short time, you should check the cooling system for leaks or go to the maintenance station to check.

      3. Inspection of the brake fluid level

      Brake is also normal between high and low. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or lower than the lower limit, it may indicate that there is a leak in the system or the brake shoes are too worn, and should be repaired in a repair station in time.

      When replenishing the brake fluid, pay attention to adding the same type of brake fluid to prevent damage to the leather cup, and pay attention to protecting the paint to prevent corrosion of the paint surface.

       4. Inspection of clutch master cylinder liquid level

      If the clutch liquid level is between the high and low liquid levels, it is normal. If it is lower than the standard line, the master cylinder or the sub cylinder may be damaged. When the engine is running, it will be difficult or impossible to hang the gear. Please go to the nearest repair station for inspection immediately.

      5. Maintenance and inspection of the battery

      Check whether the battery is firmly fixed. The electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits. When approaching the offline, the electrolyte or distilled water should be added to the high line in time. Keep the battery positive and negative cables in good contact, and keep the battery clean and dry. For vehicles that have been placed for a long time, remove the positive and negative cables of the battery, reconnect them about half a month later and start the engine for about 20 minutes. If the power is obviously insufficient, charge it in time.

      6.Tire inspection

      The tire pressure should be checked at normal temperature every month, and if it is lower than the normal standard, the tire pressure should be replenished in time. Air pressure should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect driving safety.

      Check the tire for cracks and replace the tire in time when there is a safety hazard.

      When choosing a tire, the model should be the same.

      7. Inspection of the belt

      When starting the engine or driving the vehicle normally, the belt sounds. One situation is that the belt has not been checked and adjusted for a long time, and it can be adjusted according to normal standards. Another situation is that the belt is aging and needs to be replaced.

      8. Inspection of the air filter

      Dirty air filter can cause poor engine operation, excessive fuel consumption, damage to the engine, etc. When checking the air filter, if less dust is found and the blockage is lighter, use high-pressure air to blow out from the inside out and continue to use. Dirty air filters should be replaced in time.

      9.Spark plug inspection

      The normal spark plug insulating ceramic is intact. There is no rupture and leakage phenomenon. When the spark plug gap is 0.8+-0.0mm, the spark is blue and strong. If any abnormality is found, the gap should be adjusted or the spark plug should be replaced.

      10. Check the gasoline filter

      If you find that the fuel supply is not smooth, you should check whether the gasoline filter is blocked, and if it is blocked by foreign objects, you should replace it in time.