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      Wu Dajing, the first Chinese Olympic gold medalist in short track speed skating, endorsed Langfeng graphene lubricants

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      Wu Dajing, the first Chinese Olympic gold medalist in short track speed skating, endorsed Langfeng graphene lubricants

      Date of issue:2020-05-20 Authors: Click:

      The first winner of the Chinese men’s short track speed skating Olympic gold medal, the Olympic short track speed skating men’s 500-meter world record holder-Wu Dajing spoke for Langfeng graphene lubricants.


      On the morning of April 19, 2020, Wu Dajing, accompanied by the chairman and technicians of Huasheng Company, visited and inspected the research and development achievements of the graphene industry chain of Huasheng Company and the production process of Langfeng graphene lubricants. After understanding that Huasheng has realized the industrialization of graphene, Wu Dajing affirmed and showed  great interest to the technological content of Langfeng graphene lubricant products and future market share. 

      Wu Dajing watched the automated production process of Langfeng products in Huasheng's graphene lubricant production line in detail.


      In the laboratory of Huasheng's R&D Center, Wu Dajing listened to the technical staff to introduce the company's research and development results, and paid special attention to Huasheng's world-leading high-speed metallurgical preparation of high-purity graphite projects.


      In the graphene production workshop of Huasheng Company, Wu Dajing learned about the production process of graphene and visited the mature graphene production line.


      In the sales department of Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd., after listening to the product introduction of the sales staff, Wu Dajing greatly appreciated Langfeng, a high-value-added product integrating high-tech and lubricating oil.


      Wu Dajing learned that Langfeng graphene lubricants originated from the R&D technology of Russian experts, the 20,000-kilometer super endurance and the economic and environmental characteristics of the products. He praised Langfeng graphene lubricants as the defender and guardian of China‘s speed and the Chinese environment.

      The Olympic champion praised the domestic products and cheered for the company's take-off!