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      Briefly describe the classification of grease

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      Briefly describe the classification of grease

      Date of issue:2020-03-11 Authors: Click:

      Graphene carbon energy lubricating machinery consumes wear machinery during the mechanical process is inevitable, so it is necessary to reduce wear and prolong service life. Therefore, the use of grease is essential, and its role is mainly to lubricate, protect and seal. Let's take a look at the method of grease classification by function.

         (1) Anti-friction grease mainly serves to reduce mechanical friction and prevent mechanical wear. At the same time, it also plays the role of protecting against metal corrosion and sealing dust.

         (2) Protect grease, mainly used to prevent metal rust or corrosion.

         (3) Sealing grease, which is specially used for sealing.

        Most greases are semi-solid substances with unique fluidity.

         The working principle of lubricating grease is that the thickener keeps the oil in the position that needs to be lubricated. When there is a load, the thickener releases the oil to play a lubricating role.


      It is semi-solid at room temperature and at rest, can maintain its shape without flowing, and can adhere to metal without slipping. At high temperatures or when an external force exceeding a certain limit is applied, it will dilute into a liquid and flow.

      When the grease is sheared by moving parts in the machine, it can generate flow and lubricate, reducing friction and wear between moving surfaces.

      When the shearing action stops, it can restore a certain consistency. The special fluidity of the grease determines that it can be lubricated in the parts that are not suitable for lubricating oil.

      In addition, because it is a semi-solid substance, its sealing and protective effects are better than lubricating oil.