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      Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

      Building 1, 139 Rongmei Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Lane 1, Development Road, Pearl River Management Zone, Nansha District, Guangzhou

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      Welcome academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering to visit Huasheng Company

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      Welcome academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering to visit Huasheng Company

      Date of issue:2019-08-19 Authors: Click:

      On the afternoon of August 16, 2019, Gao Zhongqi, Director of the Second Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Academicians Lu Xicheng, Academician Li Tianchu, Academician Duan Baoyan, Academician Chen Lianghui, Academician Wu Manqing, Academician Ding Wenhua, Academician Liu Zejin, Academician Tan Jiubin and many other experts came to Heilongjiang province Huasheng Graphite Limited company visit.

      First of all, the academicians came to the meeting room to listen in detail to the explanations made by Huasheng engineers on the high-purity graphite, graphene, and graphene application products developed by the company, especially the scientific research results of graphene lubricants, and showed great interest. Afterwards, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering discussed Huasheng's graphene research achievements, had a cordial exchange with Huasheng's scientific research workers, and expressed their recognition and support for Huasheng's research and development achievements.

      Afterwards, the academicians came to visit Huasheng's graphene lubricant production line. They greatly appreciated the production process and technology of graphene lubricant, fully affirming the achievements of Huasheng's Langfeng brand graphene lubricant in innovation and environmental protection. And expressed the affirmation of the broad market prospects of graphene lubricants developed by Huasheng Company.

      Finally,the academicians came to the laboratory of Huasheng Company, and analyzed and communicated with the experts of Huasheng on high-purity graphite. During the communication, the academicians showed great interest to the graphite purification technology (purity of 99.999%) developed by Huasheng experts .

      Relying on the resource advantages of high-quality flake graphite in Hegang, Huasheng Company has made great efforts to innovate and become the first and only lubricating oil company in China that has obtained the certification of China's environmental labeling products, filling the gap in the domestic lubricant market.