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      How to determine the oil change period of graphene lubricants?

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      How to determine the oil change period of graphene lubricants?

      Date of issue:2018-09-12 Authors: Click:

      How to determine the oil change period of graphene lubricant? When is the lubricant used, how can it not continue to be used, need to change the oil, this is the oil change period and scrap indicator of the lubricant, the general oil change can be summarized as follows several aspects:

         (1) Determine according to the introduction of the equipment manufacturing unit and the operation of the equipment.

         (2) Oil change period according to oil inspection.

         (3) Oil change notice:


      1) Do not make oil change decisions easily. Try to extend the life of the oil by correct use of equipment and oil, and add new oil. Additives can be added when conditions permit. Of course, it is a prerequisite to extend the oil change period to ensure safe operation and good equipment. For some key and sophisticated equipment, the extension of the oil use period should not be overemphasized.

           2) Try to combine oil for repair

           3) Do not scrap easily when changing oil. If the oil quality is good, it can be treated slightly (such as sedimentation filtration to remove moisture impurities) before use or for secondary equipment. Waste oil should be collected separately to facilitate reprocessing in the future.