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      High-purity graphite enterprises introduce the future development prospect of low-carbon graphite powder

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      High-purity graphite enterprises introduce the future development prospect of low-carbon graphite powder

      Date of issue:2019-07-26 Authors: Click:

      High-purity graphite enterprises introduce the future development prospect of low-carbon graphite powder

      If the world graphite market environment continues to move in a favorable direction in the future, graphite production will increase, especially in Brazil, Canada, China, India and Mexico. The total is expected to increase by 120,000 tons. Under the guidance of the direction of deep drawing of graphite in the “10th Five-Year Plan”, the graphite deep processing products developed in China in the next five years are shaped carbon, fluorinated graphite, silicon infiltrated graphite, graphite tube graphite tubes, lithium ion batteries, carbon materials and fuels. Battery carbon material, etc.

      It is expected that the production capacity of low-carbon graphite powder will continue to grow in the next decade as long as the entire market is sufficient to support mining and expansion. The new graphite capacity will make up for the capacity of 100,000 tons of flake graphite that was currently lost due to engineering errors. According to industry analysts, the global development of graphite products will be carried out in ten areas. At the same time, in the former National Building Materials Bureau, as the world's largest graphite producer, China's production in recent years accounted for 40% to 50% of the world's total output. India, the world's second producer, has accounted for about 15% of graphite production over the past decade. Other producing countries are Brazil (7%), Mexico (6%), and North Korea (6%). The sum of graphite production in the above five countries accounts for more than 75% of the world's total production.

      In addition, the production of graphite deep-processing products in China currently has a large gap, and the development work has a lot to offer. For example, there are 1,000 nuclear power plants in the world. There are only three in China, and 23 in the national plan. The nuclear pure graphite used by them basically depends on imports.

      At present, with the globalization of economic development, the global graphite industry product development will be carried out in ten areas:

      1. High-performance seals and products, the world has a turnover of 10 billion US dollars, and the most high-grade nuclear anti-use graphite products are 1.2 million US dollars / ton. There are four key technologies in this product, insertion technology, expanded sulfur technology, composite reinforcement technology, and molding technology.


      2, high-performance conductive materials, one is made of interlayer compounds; the second is high-performance stability; the third is process repair.

      3. Battery material.

      4. Arts and crafts materials.

      5. Environmentally friendly materials.

      6, sound insulation materials.

      7. Biological materials.

      8. Catalyst.

      9. Protective safety materials

      10. Shielding materials.