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      Huasheng graphite expanded graphite can be used in a wide temperature range

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      Huasheng graphite expanded graphite can be used in a wide temperature range

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      Huasheng graphite expanded graphite can be used in a wide temperature range

      It can be post-treated into flexible graphite for use as a sealing material. Compared with traditional sealing materials (such as asbestos, rubber, cellulose and their composite materials), expanded graphite can be used in a wide temperature range, and can be used in air ranging from -200 ° C to 450 ° C, in vacuum or reducing atmosphere. 3000 ° C, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, not brittle at low temperature, does not burst, does not soften at high temperature, does not creep, so it is known as the "sealing king", has been widely used in petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy , atomic energy and other industries.

      The expandable graphite high-purity graphite block has a fixed carbon content of 99.9% or more, and is mainly used for flexible graphite sealing materials, nuclear graphite, instead of platinum ruthenium for chemical reagent melting and lubricant base materials, and high-purity graphite blocks for silicon carbide. Metallurgical furnaces such as furnaces and graphitization furnaces, furnaces for electric furnaces and conductive materials, and impervious graphite heat exchangers. Widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other fields, the products are of good quality and stable performance. For high-temperature industrial furnaces processed by the electronics and semiconductor industries, diamond tool molds, non-ferrous metallurgy and processing expandable graphite machinery industry chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnaces, graphite furnaces. Heilongjiang Dongfang Jueneng Graphite Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating mining, processing and sales of non-metallic graphite ore. The products include high-purity graphite block, high-carbon graphite, flake graphite, medium carbon graphite, high-purity graphite, expandable graphite micro-powder graphite and many other products. The products are imaginative throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions, covering steel, metallurgy, etc. Dozens of industries. The company has stable graphite mineral resources and a complete and scientific quality management system. We can absolutely guarantee the stability of the products and the long-term production and supply. The company is willing to work together with domestic and foreign customers on the basis of friendship, equality, mutual benefit and mutual benefit to create a better future!

      Expanded graphite, also known as flexible graphite, is a high-quality flake graphite that has been chemically treated and modified by high-temperature instantaneous expansion. Can be machined into a variety of sealing products. It not only maintains the excellent chemical properties of natural graphite, but also adds many unique mechanical properties. It is an ideal sealing material with a wide range of applications and strong sealing ability. The main performance is as follows:


      First, physical and chemical properties:

          1. Density: The bulk density of the flake graphite is 1.08 g/cm3, the bulk density of the expanded graphite is 0.002 to 0.005 g/cm3, and the density of the product is 0.8 to 1.8 g/cm3. Therefore, the expanded graphite material is light in weight and malleable;

          2, purity: fixed carbon content of about 98%, or even more than 99%, enough to meet the requirements of atomic energy, aerospace and other industrial sectors in high-purity seals;

          3, temperature resistance: In theory, expanded graphite can withstand -200  C to 3000  C. As a packing seal, it can be used safely from -200C to 800C. It has excellent properties of low temperature, no embrittlement, no aging, no softening at high temperature, no deformation, no decomposition;

          4, corrosion resistance: chemically inert, in addition to some specific temperatures of strong oxidants such as aqua regia, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and halogen, can adapt to most of the medium such as acid, alkali, salt solution, seawater, steam organic solvent;

          5, excellent thermal conductivity and a small coefficient of thermal expansion, the parameters of which are close to the same order of magnitude of the material of the universal sealing device, and can be well sealed in high temperature, deep cooling and temperature changing conditions;

          6. Radioactivity resistance: long-term exposure to neutron rays, gamma rays, alpha rays, and beta rays without significant changes;

          7. Impermeability: It has good impermeability to gases and liquids. Because the surface energy of the expanded graphite is large, it is easy to form a very thin film or liquid film to prevent the medium from penetrating;

          8. Self-lubricating: The expanded graphite still maintains a hexagonal plane layer structure. Under the action of external force, the flat layers are easy to slide relative to each other to produce self-lubrication, which effectively prevents the shaft or stem from being worn.

          Second, mechanical properties:

          1. Softness: The hardness is very low, it can be cut with ordinary cutters, and can be arbitrarily wound and bent;

          2, high compressibility and resilience: expanded graphite products, there are still many compressible closed small gaps on the microscopic, can be compressed under external force, and at the same time, due to air in small gaps