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      Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Eco-Environment visited Huasheng Company to conduct research on Langfeng Graphene Lubricating Oil Products

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      Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Eco-Environment visited Huasheng Company to conduct research on Langfeng Graphene Lubricating Oil Products

      Date of issue:2019-04-25 Authors: Click:

      On April 24, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the provincial party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, led the provincial leaders of relevant departments to investigate Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd., and gave Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. in the research and development, application and mass production of graphene. very sure. Under the instructions and spur of Zhang Shuji, Huasheng employees, such as Mu Chunfeng, deeply felt the advantages brought by high and new technology to the enterprise, and full of confidence in the future of the graphite industry. The spring of the graphite industry is coming soon! Yang Zhiwei, director of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, accompanied by Zhang Shuji, after listening to Huasheng’s introduction to Langfeng Graphene Lubricant Products, the on-site office indicated that the relevant departments of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department went deep into the enterprise, took the initiative to serve, and discussed the research on Langfeng Graphite. The path and method of olefin lubricants entering the green environmental protection field.


       On April 25, Director Wang Zhongwei of the Department of Science and Technology and Cooperation of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, together with the scientific and technological management personnel, represented the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecological Environment to visit Huasheng Graphite for on-site investigation of Langfeng Graphene products. Implement the instructions of Qingwei Secretary and Director Yang, and provide constructive suggestions for the next step of enterprise products entering the green environmental protection field.


      Director Wang inspected the R&D center, graphene production line and graphene lubricant production line of Huasheng Company. Professor Cao Dianxue, the technical director of the company, introduced the direction of enterprise technology research and development and enterprise development planning for the director of the company, and elaborated on the production process of graphene and graphene lubricants and pollution reduction. The company held a technical seminar for the company and exchanged the production process and performance of the product. It was learned that the Longfeng Graphene Lubricant can greatly reduce the friction between the cylinder and the piston, delay the corrosion rate of the metal, and have superior lubrication performance. Reduce operating resistance, enhance power, extend machine life, and reduce fuel consumption and power. And has a significant contribution to the environment: (1) the use of Longfeng graphene lubricants, vehicle life is 2-3 times that of ordinary lubricants, can reduce the total amount of waste engine oil by 1/2 (waste oil is hazardous waste, right Significant environmental impact, high cost of harmless treatment), greatly reducing the processing pressure of waste oil in society; (2) Based on the solid-liquid sealing characteristics of graphene lubricating oil, it can effectively repair the scratches of piston and cylinder, The sealing of the contact surface between the piston and the cylinder body can be ensured, the power can be increased and the fuel can be fully burned, the fuel consumption can be saved, and the exhaust gas emission concentration can be reduced.

      Exhaust gas emissions were measured on the same motor vehicle (Diesel HOWO) using metric lubricants and using langfeng graphene lubricants. The data show that this product can reduce exhaust emissions by 67% (see Figure 1 and Figure 2). For a single motor vehicle (Benzer 300GLK), Langfeng graphene lubricants were used for double idling detection of vehicle exhaust pollutants. The data showed that the results were far below the emission limit (see Figure 3). Graphene lubricants can achieve the control of vehicle exhaust emission concentration at the source, providing the possibility of reducing vehicle emission limit indicators in China, and is the first choice for eliminating air pollution and creating a friendly environment!




      After listening to the report, Director Wang highly praised Huasheng’s environmental awareness and philosophy throughout the company’s management and product development positioning. At the same time, it indicates that the production process of Huasheng products is not only green and environmentally friendly, especially the graphene lubricants are of great significance for creating a green mountain and green water environment. The Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment will make a special report to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in the near future, and strive for national level policy support for Langfeng Graphene Lubricants. Invite domestic environmental experts to demonstrate technical indicators for Langfeng Graphene Lubricants to help coordinate domestic third parties. The environmental protection testing agency shall test and determine the emission reduction effect of the motor vehicle exhaust of the product. Director Wang Zhongwei provided valuable advice and support for the sustainable growth of the company! Actively help enterprises apply for China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, and organize the promotion of the product technology results in a timely manner. Establish a national independent brand and create a national product!