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      Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

      Building 1, 139 Rongmei Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Lane 1, Development Road, Pearl River Management Zone, Nansha District, Guangzhou

      Telephone number: 400 1331 400

      Mobile phone: 185 4509 4444

      Web site: www.roshesshoes.com

      Mail box: hsbgs@hssmgf.com

      Huasheng Company has won another award

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      Huasheng Company has won another award

      Date of issue:2018-12-18 Authors: Click:

      n December 18, 2018, at the Harbin “Model Workers and Talents Innovation Studio Naming and Outstanding Staff Project Recognition Awards Conference”, Li Sheng, an engineer of Huasheng Company, represented Huasheng Company and received the “Heilongjiang Province” issued by the Heilongjiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. The model worker's talent innovation studio" medal.



      At the same time, Huasheng Company's “100-ton arc graphene and 500-ton redox graphene project” won the third prize of the 2018 provincial employee outstanding innovation project of Heilongjiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions.