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      Huasheng Clean Coal Research Group has achieved significant historical results

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      Huasheng Clean Coal Research Group has achieved significant historical results

      Date of issue:2018-11-03 Authors: Click:

      Three years after the establishment of Huasheng Clean Coal Research Group, Russian chemistry expert Professor Aleke led the research team. At the end of 2017, he first used the high-speed smelting method to overcome the problem of Hegang coal to reduce ash, so that the coal ash was reduced to 1 Below the %, the food grade coke standard is reached.


      On November 1, 2018, Huasheng Company's Clean Coal Research Group re-transmitted the report, and made a historic breakthrough in the desulfurization project with high sulfur coal (3.5% sulfur content) in Shanxi, achieving desulfurization to 0.13%. best result! Solved the world-class scientific research problem that can not effectively remove organic sulfur in coal!


      The achievement of this achievement is of great significance for the efficient and rationalization of coal and green use in China and the world. It will surely cause a sensation in the coal and energy sectors around the world, and it is a major revolution in the use of coal energy!