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      Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province

      Building 1, 139 Rongmei Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

      Lane 1, Development Road, Pearl River Management Zone, Nansha District, Guangzhou

      Telephone number: 400 1331 400

      Mobile phone: 185 4509 4444

      Web site: www.roshesshoes.com

      Mail box: hsbgs@hssmgf.com

      On September 27, 2018, Shandong Graphene Research Institute of Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. was officially established in Weihai.

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      On September 27, 2018, Shandong Graphene Research Institute of Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. was officially established in Weihai.

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      On September 27, 2018, Shandong Graphene Research Institute of Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. was officially established in Weihai.



      In the modernization and globalization of new industries, Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. decided to implement “the key industrial technology needs of the country’s long-term development and the demand for common key technologies in social development and industrial transformation and upgrading.” A plan to build a number of research bases. After consulting with the Shandong Weihai Municipal Government, Huasheng decided to establish the “Huasheng Graphene Research Institute” in Binhai New Area of Weihai.

      The Institute has introduced a total of 5 research teams led by well-known scholars from universities such as Manchester University, University of South Australia, Russian Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Engineering University and other universities and research institutes. The number of core scientific and technical personnel has reached 40. It covers an area of more than 9,600 square meters, with a five-story comprehensive R&D building, 15 expert apartments and staff quarters, 10 sets of large-scale R&D equipment and 30 sets of small experimental equipment.


      The core purpose of the establishment of Shandong Weihai Huasheng Graphene Research Institute is to revolve around the significant demand for the transformation and upgrading of graphene emerging industries and traditional industries, strengthen the deployment of graphene, and make the innovation of graphene products the top priority of the institute. Break through the bottleneck of technology, build a modern industrial technology system, form a continuous supply of technology and results, and support the real economy to become bigger and stronger. In terms of operation management, R&D investment, and talent gathering, Shandong Weihai Huasheng Graphene Research Institute will continue to reform and innovate to provide support for the high-level operation of scientific research projects.


      With the recent transition from “product development” to “R&D+production”, the company faces new development needs. The main research projects of Shandong Weihai Huasheng Graphene Research Institute include:

      * Quality control of graphene and other products, progress and level of research and development projects;

      * Establish a high-tech intelligent solar graphene desalination demonstration plant;

      * Graphene lubricants project needs to expand product categories, develop graphite lubricants for ships, and apply tests on ships;

      Therefore, Shandong Weihai Huasheng Graphene Research Institute will expand its development space in the coastal area in the future, and increase the construction R&D, testing, pilot and production bases. And Huasheng Company plans to build “one hospital and one company” in Weihai, Shandong. The implementation of the plan can not only support the development of Weihai New Material Industrial Park, but also effectively promote the progress of the national high-tech industry, accelerate and increase the innovation of scientific research results.

       Through years of cooperation with well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad, Huasheng has formed a strong R&D team, breaking through the key technologies of graphene materials and the preparation of several graphene application products, and some products have achieved mass production.


      The solar graphene desalination project is a new type of desalination technology developed by Huasheng Graphene Research Institute and the University of South Australia with independent intellectual property rights (one PCT patent) and mastering core technologies. The technology realizes the full utilization of sunlight for high-efficiency seawater desalination and sewage treatment. The principle is to use graphene composite high-efficiency photothermal conversion material to convert sunlight directly into heat energy and confine the micro-scale ultra-thin water evaporation film. Medium to achieve rapid evaporation of seawater. The first experimental system has been running smoothly. After the project is put on the market, it can greatly benefit coastal residents and improve people's quality of life.

      The successful development of Langfeng graphene lubricants not only overcomes many technical problems in the field of graphene, but also hopes to form subversive innovations in the industry, lead the direction of industrial technology change, affect the future development of the industry, and seize the field of industrial commanding heights.


      Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. gives full play to the main role of enterprises in technological innovation decision-making, research and development, investment, scientific research organization and transformation of results, forming collaborative innovation of production, education and research, strengthening the external diffusion of innovation results, reflecting social benefits and strengthening the industry. The important role of development.

      A small step in science and technology, for the benefit of millions of households, Huasheng will continue to work on the road of scientific research and innovation and strive for life! ! !