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      Langfeng Graphene Lubricant, Helping the National Snowmobile Challenge

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      Langfeng Graphene Lubricant, Helping the National Snowmobile Challenge

      Date of issue:2018-01-13 Authors: Click:

      The scenery of the Northland, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow. 2018, at the beginning of the new year, in the beautiful Lindu Yichun City, the second national snowmobile challenge was held. More than 200 vehicles from the regions of Hei, Ji, Liao, Inner Mongolia and other places, more than 600 people in the ice Challenge speed and passion.


      As one of the main sponsors of this snow and ice car challenge, Heilongjiang Huasheng Graphite Co., Ltd. actively participated in the competition, not only providing prizes for participating athletes, but also sending teams to the racing field, and from Tiannanhaibei. The racing enthusiasts have a higher score.


      Ice and Snow Heroes, who is a hero? Langfeng Graphene Lubricants formed a team to compete in the current snow and ice car challenge. Participating in the National Snow and Ice Challenge, a powerful power system is essential, but the use of high-quality lubricants can not be ignored.image.pngimage.png

      Having an autonomous fleet and passing the competition is the most direct way to test and break through the quality of oil. In this expedition, the Longfeng Graphene Lubricant Racing Team adopts the Longfeng Graphene Modified Lubricant Series to ensure the ultimate oil protection. The excellent performance of Longfeng Graphene Lubricants in low temperature environments will help drivers achieve the best results.

      New era, new weather, new actions. Create a happy future with struggle and test the quality of oil with the competition! At the beginning of the new year, the Longfeng Graphene Lubricant Team participated in the 2nd National Snowmobile Challenge. Longfeng Graphene Lubricants adhere to the spirit of quality first, and test the quality of oil products with the strict challenges of the competition to interpret the quality of products.