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      Chairman Hua Sheng held talks with Saudi Arabian Commercial Counselor in China

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      Chairman Hua Sheng held talks with Saudi Arabian Commercial Counselor in China

      Date of issue:2018-01-06 Authors: Click:

      2018, at the beginning of the new year, the development of Huasheng Company has ushered in a major positive. On the morning of January 4th, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huasheng Company, Shan Yongbao and Technical Director Cao Dianxue were invited to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Beijing to conduct business negotiations with Mr. Ai Forest, Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      The business negotiation was held in the reception room of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the talks, the Ai Forest Counselor said: "China and Saudi Arabia have a long history of friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Saudi Arabia have maintained both political and economic aspects. With good relations, the trade space between China and Saudi Arabia is huge. I hope that the two sides should closely exchange and deepen understanding and jointly promote the further development of bilateral trade." Ai Forest Counsellor and the investment economic expert of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in China Dr. Lin has developed a strong interest in the solar graphene desalination system and graphene lubricants currently produced by Huasheng. During the talks, Cao Dianxue, technical director of Huasheng Company, gave a detailed explanation of the technical principles, advantages and characteristics of Huasheng's solar graphene desalination system to the Ai Forest Counsellor and Dr. Irene. The chairman of Huasheng Company, Shan Yongbao and Ai Forest The Counsellor exchanged views on the possibility of Huasheng's cooperation with Saudi Arabia.


      As is known to all, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the desert. The vast majority of the country's land area is covered by deserts. Saudi Arabia is extremely short of fresh water resources. As the world's largest producer of desalinated seawater, its desalination accounts for about 21% of the world's total. However, the traditional seawater desalination technology generally has the problems of high energy consumption, high cost, large investment, and dependence on a large amount of electric energy. The solar graphene desalination system jointly developed by Huasheng and the University of South Australia has successfully broken through the shackles of traditional desalination technology, using graphene composite high-efficiency photothermal conversion materials to convert sunlight directly into heat energy. The domain is evaporated in a micron-sized water to achieve rapid evaporation of seawater. Ai Forest Counsellor praised the technology of Huasheng Company. The Counselor said that he hopes to conduct further negotiations with Huasheng Company and cooperate on solar graphene desalination technology to introduce the technology into Saudi Arabia. Ai Forest Counselor also affirmed the graphene lubricant products produced by Huasheng Company and hoped that the two sides could further deepen cooperation in the near future.

      When talking about cooperation with Chinese companies represented by Huasheng Company, Ai Forest Counselor said: "The friendship between China and Saudi Arabia has a long history. As early as the 7th century, Muhammad's disciples had traveled across the ocean to China to spread Islam. In the 15th century, Zheng He, a famous navigator of the Ming Dynasty, visited Saudi Arabia when he was in the Western Sea. The trade potential between China and Saudi Arabia is huge. Welcome Chinese companies to Saudi Arabia to visit Saudi Arabia for business opportunities. It will also promote Saudi enterprises to come to China and experience China. The huge market. I hope that through the close exchanges and exchanges between the two companies, the trade volume between the two sides will be further enhanced."